Campofresco Corp., the most modern and versatile  fruit juice & beverage manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region, was founded in 1982 with the introduction of Caribik Sun, the company’s innovative line of tropical fruit beverages.

Offering products previously unavailable to the consumers, like passion fruit, guava, tamarind and guanábana (soursop), the company grew steadily over 10 years of success after which its operations were moved to a custom–built current strategic location in the city of Santa Isabel, in the south coast of Puerto Rico.

Campofresco's manufacturing plant is strategically located 15 minutes away from the port-town of Ponce (the most important city in the southern region of Puerto Rico where presently super–port Las Americas is being built) and 45 minutes away from San Juan (the island’s capital.

The company's facilities, located right by the Luis A. Ferré expressway, are built on an 80-acre lot that sits on top of one of the Caribbean's largest underground reservoirs of high-quality water. This water, ultimately used in Campofresco's manufacturing processes, is actually rain water that is naturally filtered as it drains south from the central mountain ridge through the area’s limestone-heavy soil.

Recently added production lines incorporate the latest in packaging technology as a response to the juice and beverage industry’s changing trends, whereas aluminum cans have come to replace the traditional tin cans, and hot-blown and hot-filled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles have replaced glass and PE (polyethylene) bottles. The Company facilities include in-house blow-molding of HPET.

Employing nearly 200 workers in a positive, union-free environment, Campofresco offers its employees retirement plans, medical insurance, trimester incentives and technical trainings and workshops in addition to amenities such as two in-plant cafeterias and recreational / sports activities. Many of Campofresco's employees have worked for the company for more than 10 years and come from rural areas nearby.

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Campofresco owns some of Puerto Rico's leading fruit juice and beverage brands. Some of which have been in the market for over a century. We also manufacture products for some of the brands you've come to trust. Click here to learn more.

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Did you know that Campofresco Corp. offers a complete array of fruit juice product manufacturing solutions? From product formulation to PET package design and manufacture and label design, Campofresco is your one-stop source for your juice processing and bottling needs. Learn more by clicking here.

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Sure, manufacturing fruit juice and beverage products that will meet the strictest quality standards is a complex process. Learn how we do it in a wat that is safe for the environment by clicking here.

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