Campofresco Corp. manufactures fruit juice and beverage products under its proprietary brands. These products go from 100% juice refrigerated beverages to frozen and shelf-stable concentrates. Campofresco also manfufactures products for other brands with which Campofresco has co-packing agreements.

Established in 1892, the Lotus brand has been a common household name in markets throughout Hispanic U.S. and the Caribbean for well over a century. Made with only the freshest, juiciest and most delicious pineapples, Lotus earned international reputation early in the 1900’s as the producer of the finest pineapple juice in the world. A symbol of premium quality, the Lotus brand name represents over one hundred years of valuable historical heritage.

Campofresco acquired the Lotus brand from the Government of Puerto Rico in 1998, and has taken it into the new millennium, expanding its product variety and modernizing its production processes to meet the demands of an ever-changing market and stay at the forefront in beverage production and packing technologies.

Currently, the Lotus line features a wide array of tropical fruit beverages, nectars and juices such as pineapple, orange, pear, guava, guava-pineapple, tamarind, soursop, apricot and many others in packages that include 7.1oz tin cans, 7.5oz aluminum cans, 11.5 aluminum cans, 16oz. PET bottles, 46oz. tin cans, 64oz. PET bottles and 64oz refrigerated gable-top cartons.

Established in 1950, the Caribe brand has been well-known in Puerto Rico for decades because of the quality and great taste of its 100% orange juice products.

Originally owned by La Famosa (a leading brand name in Puerto Rico during the mid-1900's), Caribe was acquired by Borden Foods as part of a transaction in the mid-70's.

Twenty years later Campofresco bought the brand and continued Caribe's legacy of quality and great taste expanding its product selection to include innovative and deliciously refreshing products such as its top-selling Virgin Sangria.

At present, the Caribe product line includes its signature not-from-concentrate Orange Juice, Paradise Bul and Virgin Sangria, all in 64oz refrigerated cartons in addition to fruit punch and 100% orange juice frozen concentrates.

In 1982, Campofresco introduced its first tropical fruit juice products under the Caribik Sun brand. With a selection that included passion fruit, tamarind, soursop, Caribbean cherry and other fruit products that were previously unavailable in the retail market, Caribik Sun quickly became a common household name for the taste, quality and variety of its innovative products.

Initially offering frozen concentrates of tropical fruit juices and nectars, the Caribik Sun brand quickly expanded to include premium ready-to-drink products in refrigerated gable-top cartons, including 100% juice products. Over a quarter of a century later, the Caribik Sun family of product continues to grow, further expandidng its product selection with alternative packages such as recyclable PET bottles.

In Puerto Rico, Caribik Sun is one of the few brands whose products are included in the official product list of the U.S. government-funded W.I.C. program.

For the food and bevergae industry, Campofresco Corp. manufactures juice concentrate roducts in commercial food service packing like post-mix cartridges widely used in restaurants. As in the consumer market where PET bottles and aluminum cans are quickly replacing traditional glass bottles and tin cans, product packing trends within the food and beverage market are also changing, opting for newer and more effective technologies. As a response to these changing trends, Campofresco will soon offer commercial food service products in aseptic bag-in-a-box packages.

Campofresco has always been an industry leader for its top-quality products which have earned the company recognition and awards locally and abroad. Thanks to stringent and demanding quality control in its manufacturing processes, Campofresco has been chosen by leading national brands as the co-packer for their products.

Through commercial licenses and co-packing agreements, Campofresco Corp. manufactures quality fruit juice and beverage products for retailers like Wal-Mart under its Great Value label, local supermarket chains like Econo, Selectos and SuperMax under their proprietary labels and national companies like PepsiCo and DPSG under their Tropicana and Snapple / Mistic labels.

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As a provider of juice products for the federally funded School Lunch Program. our plant is under continuous inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which monitors the production of juices and food products for the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


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